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Frankie Dettori Horse Racing

The Key Features of Frankie Dettori Horse Racing
  • Highly detailed horses with motion captured animation for horses and riders.
  • 20 photo-real race courses from around the world, including licensed real-world courses such as Flemington, Classic Caulfield and Ascot
  • Cinematic replay system
  • Full race commentary audio, featuring Matthew Hill
  • Play the game as any combination of owner, jockey and punter (betting enthusiast)
  • Multiple game modes including Single Race, Jockey Championship, simulated Betting Party, Simulation Mode and Season Mode
  • Up to 8 player multi-player Betting Party, on the same machine
  • Online multiplayer for Jockey Championship and Betting Party

Does the game feature motion-captured horses?

Yes. The motion capture was recorded in a huge warehouse by Weta Digital, the special effects wizards behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong.

What is the difference between Melbourne Cup Challenge and Frankie Dettori Racing?

Melbourne Cup Challenge is the name of the game in Australasian territories. Frankie Dettori Racing is the name of the game in Europe.

When the game starts you will be asked to select your territory, and from then on you will play the game as MCC or FDR as you chose.

The order in which tracks are unlocked differs between the two modes, with European tracks being available earlier in Frankie Dettori Racing, and Australian tracks available earlier in Melbourne Cup Challenge.

If playing as Frankie Dettori Racing then the season mode will use the northern-hemisphere racing calendar. If playing as Melbourne Cup Challenge, the season mode will use the southern-hemisphere racing calendar.

All game features and all unlockable content are available in both game types.

Does Melbourne Cup Challenge feature real races?

Yes, key races such as the Melbourne Cup, the Golden Slipper, and the Cox Plate are incorporated in to the racing calendar of season mode.

What are the features of Season Mode?

Season Progression
Day by day, week by week, season by season progression
Win races to earn money, trophies and to qualify for other races
Use cash to hire new staff, improve your facilities, buy new horses and place simulated bets

Horse Breeding

Breed from your horses: Send your mares to be covered, or raise funds by using your top stallions as studs
Breeding will combine attributes from both horses to create a new unique thoroughbred

Stable Management

Hire and fire jockeys. The better your jockeys the more races your horses will win
Hire and fire trainers. The better your trainers, the more of your horses’ potential will be used
Hire and fire betting managers. Betting managers can place simulated bets on all races, even the ones you don’t attend. But how good they are will dictate whether you see ever-increasing winnings or plummeting losses
Expand your stables. The bigger the stables, the more horses you can own – the more horses you own the more races you can win!

What simulated betting options are in the game?
Frankie Dettori Racing allows you to place multiple simulated bet types on any and all races in a race meet.
Simple bets - Win or Place
Accumulator bets - Double or Treble
Combination bets - Trixie, Patent, Yankee etc.
Forecast bets - Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta etc.

Can I create my own horse?

You can create your own horse for use in simulation mode or season mode.

You can alter the horse’s name, age, colour, markings and performance statistics.

In season mode you have to buy any horses you create, so if you create one with perfect stats it’s going to be pretty expensive!

Does it feature licensed horses and Jockeys?

It does not feature licensed horses, but real world horses can be recreated in the horse editor for use in Season mode and Simulation mode

Frankie Dettori is the only licensed jockey in the game.

Can I customise my jockey?

You can customise your jockey’s silks and facial appearance.

Is it a simulation or an arcade game?

Melbourne Cup Challenge is a combination of simulation and arcade game.
Visually and aurally the game is as accurate as possible; from the photo-realistic stadiums (based on real-world licensed tracks); to the motion captured horse and jockey animation; to the full audio race commentary (by professional commentator Matthew Hill), everything has been designed to suck the player in to a truly believable horse racing world.

But playability is key. Everything from the interface to the in race controls is designed to be easily accessible and understandable even to novice horse racing fans, whilst still providing depth in season mode and in the harder race challenges that will require skill and tactics even from horse racing veterans.

Can I recreate classic races?

Yes. using the season mode you can create horses that represent the appearance and performance of real world horses, and then pitch them against each other.

This allows you to recreate classic races, and also to create fantasy races. If you want to see whether Makybe Diva would beat Pharlap in the Melbourne Cup; simply create horses that have the performance characteristics of those real horses and pitch them against each other in a 3200m race at Flemington.

Are there different weather conditions?

All tracks can be played in fine or overcast conditions. The goings of the track surface will also vary.

How does the audio commentary work?

Using our custom commentary engine, we splice together thousands of individual samples (all recorded by professional horse racing commentator, Matthew Hill) to create a dynamic race commentary that reflects the current state and excitement of the race being viewed.

Commentary is available in all race modes, whether you are watching a race or racing in it yourself.

If I name my own horse, what will the commentary say?

We have recorded over 1200 words for horse names that combine to make over 300,000 possible horse names that can be spoken by the commentary.

If you name your horse from any of the possible provided names then the commentary will use the correct name. If your horse has another name then the commentary will refer to it by its saddlecloth number.
How does Jockey Championship work?

Each track has 3 Jockey Championships; Easy, Medium and Hard

These championships consist of a number of races (4, 6 or 8 depending on difficulty) in the same day at the same track.

Points are awarded to the jockey’s in each race based on their finishing position, with bonus points being awarded for finishing well with a low-ranked horse.

At the end of the race meet trophies are awarded to the 3 jockeys that finish on the podium.

How does Betting Party work?

Betting party lets up to 8 players make simulated bets on races in a race meet with any of the available simulated bet types.

Simulated bets can be placed before each race. The races can be watched with full commentary and cinematic presentation or you can jump straight to the results for the impatient!

Players start with a set amount of cash each. The player with the largest capital at the end of the race meet wins the betting party.

Can I watch events that my horses aren't competing in?

You can - you can even bet on the horses which are running. But you don't have to - you can just skip to events that you are actually competing in.

Do horses tire after racing or can you race them multiple times with no side effects?

Horses accumulate fatigue for every race, which reduces over time. Fatigue affects in race performance. Training can help accelerate the reduction of fatigue.

You can run your horse as often as you like, but fatigue will become a factor very quickly.

What real-world licensed tracks are included?

Randwick, Flemington, Caulfield, Rosehill Gardens, Moonee Valley, Canterbury Park and Warwick Farm are all available, along with thirteen other tracks (for a total of twenty tracks) for your racing pleasure.

What licensed race events are included?

Here's a list of just some of the races included
Turnbull Stakes
AAMI Victoria Derby
The Melbourne Cup
Crown Oaks
Emirates Stakes
The Cox Plate
BMW Caulfield Cup
AJC Derby
Doncaster Handicap
AJC Oaks
Sydney Cup
Epsom Handicap
Warwick Stakes
Chipping Norton Stakes
Challenge Stakes
Royal Sovereign Stakes
Coolmore Classic
Dubai Rosehill Guineas
The Golden Slipper
Queen Anne Stakes
Prince of Wales's Stakes
The Gold Cup
Coronation Stakes
Golden Jubilee Stakes
The King George
Queen Elizabeth II Stakes

What sort of computer will I need to play on PC?

Minimum System requirements
32MB 3D DirectX 8.1a compatible accelerated video card
16 Bit DirectX 8.1a compatible Sound Card
1850MB of Hard Drive Space
Windows 98SE, 2000*, XP*
CDROM drive
*With latest service pack

Recommended System requirements
P4 1.3GHz
64MB 3D DirectX 8.1a compatible Texture & Lighting video card
16 Bit DirectX 8.1a compatible Sound Card
1850MB of Hard Drive Space
Windows 98SE, 2000*, XP*
24x CDROM drive

*With latest service pack

What do I need to play online?

You will need:
A copy of the game
A networked PS2 / Xbox console (or computer - to match the copy of the game you have)
An active broadband internet connection

What sort of internet connection will I need to play online?

To play online you will need a broadband connection, with a minimum of 128Kbps bandwidth (both ways). To host games with up to 8 players, you will need a minimum of 256Kbps bandwidth (both ways).

Additionally, online multiplayer games work best with low latency (the time it takes to get a message from your computer or console over the internet to other players in your game and back again), so satellite-based and some radio-based connection types aren't suitable. In most cases Cable and ADSL-based connections are normally adequate.

Suitable for Windows 98SE/2000/XP

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