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Horse racing games have been around since the advent of the first computers, of course the first were just arcade racing games not the horse racing management style games that exist today.

Probably one of the first that stick in peoples mind was first made popular on the Amiga and this was Hooves of Thunder.

Hooves of Thunder moved to the PC platform and has been improved several times along with a new name Quatepole Plus.

This was one of the first horse racing games to include computer management simulation along side the racing.

Since then there have been many more and probably one of the most popular was Stable Masters and now Stable Masters 2.

In 2003 a new game arrived on the scene this called Horse Racing Manager the game was originally programmed for France under name Final Stretch, but you wouldn't have guessed as the UK version was based around all UK tracks.

As with all computer games, horse racing management games have improved considerably since their early days and will give you hours of fun.

You can now breed and train you own virtual horse, place bets on the races at the same horse racing tracks that are used in real life, hire and fire staff, pick the jockey and silk, buy and sell horses and of course keep an eye on your horses fitness.

You can now also play online with virtual horse racing games that allow you to actually enter your horse in races where you can earn real money.

The following pages give you the information about each game Horse Racing Management games are not the easiest to come and is probably one of the largest stockists in the world!

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